Monday, February 18, 2008

A review of Jessy's Pizza

I thought I would try the new pizza place that opened up at the end of my street. Jessy's Pizza.

I should have known I was in trouble when I asked for a small combination and the girl gave me a blank stare, "What do you consider combination? The works?"

I say, "The works would be the works."

"Ok, it's different for everyone."

Ah, no. That is when I realized this outfit was not from around here. If you say 'combination' here it means pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers.

But I am committed now, I am determined to give them one shot.

Next warning sign was when she told me it would be done in 10 minutes. This tells me that they are using those awful conveyor belt ovens. Yuck.

But how was it?

I open the box, WTF? They didn't put the cheese on top so there was no retention of the juices. The mushrooms, (I am assuming they were mushrooms, only through process of elimination) were dried out and tasted like paper, ditto for the (shredded) green peppers which I identified purely from the color. I was so disappointed that I didn't even notice the pepperoni. All I can say for the sauce is one word...Ketchup.

This is what pizza should look like.

If you are going to come into Pictou County you have to know two things.

1. Cheese goes on last. It holds all that shit together so it all doesn't fall in your lap when you try and eat it. With the possible exception of bacon, it sticks to the cheese.

2. Pizza sauce is rarely ever actually red. And if grease isn't rolling down to my elbow, I feel cheated by the whole experience.

I felt cheated by the whole experience. Jessy's pizza was a disappointment. But so is Greco for me but I do like their donairs, so I will give Jessy a shot at making me a donair next time.


Bryna said...

As a gal from North Jersey/New York area, I feel as if I have been blessed by good pizza. My fav is from "3 Brothers Pizza" on the Jersey Shore. THE BEST! And the pies are HUGE! Seriously, they are like 3 feet across!!!

Kelly said...

that is why i stick with acropole in westville, no stupid jessy will ruin pizza for me! LOL

~shirl~ said...

I tried their donairs, they are cold, like WTF? a cold donair? the meat was good, sauce was not great, but if it was hot or at least warm, it wouldnt be the worst I had. And the woman that is the cashier is a ditz. She didnt know what a steak poutine was, i dont think she knew what poutine even was!

Evel said...

Ya, definately not 'from around here.'

That girl said... a former Domino's employee, that is no 10 point pizza for sure! The sauce is not 1/4" from the sides all the way around and toppings should never be shredded.

Conveyor belt ovens do suck.

this post totally reminded me of the days of coming home smelling like dough and grease. Oh yea, those were them days.