Friday, November 9, 2007

Same shit, different day.

"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Internet Service Provider™ my name is blah blah blah..."

No hello, just starts right in, flipping out.

"I don't think that I should have to pay for this shit if it doesn't work!"

"I agree, what's the problem."

"Well I try and get on the internet and everything is sideways. It's been like that for a month."

"I see that you do have connection to the internet, so the modem is online and working fine. Do you mean all the web pages are sideways or everything on the computer screen is sideways?"

"Everything! I am not paying for this! Your internet does not work!"

"Can you do something for me? Can you hold down the Control key, then hold down the Alt key and hit the right arrow key?"

"You mean I have to do this every time? This is ridiculous! I want my money back for this computer."

"Sir, we did not sell you the computer, we only provide the internet connection."

"Fine, I will call the phone company, that is who I bought it from."

It's a DELL.

"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Internet Service Provider™ my name is blah blah blah..."

"When I start up my computer it says 'connecting to Lindsay' but my name is Leanne."

"Where is it saying that?"

"On the little picture at the bottom."

"Are you sure it says Lindsay?"

"Let me check.....I guess it says Linky. But I don't know anyone named Linky either, I think someone is hacking me!"

"Could you look a little closer, does it say L-I-N-K-S-Y-S?"

"Ya, it does. Who is that?"

That, my friends, is job security.


Sue said...

Hahaha...Linky. I knew it was going to say Linksys.

Anonymous said...

and with Bunny Slippers too!

Ian said...

The rotated screen has caused me some fun as well.
I've started disabling the function on machines, it's easier than explaining why it occurs and what not to press.

kelly said...

omg i had a call like that many moons ago, and noooooooobody could tell me how to fix the damn thing, finally i asked if she could just turn the damn monitor around LMAO so glad i just do math now lol

Kitty said...

Oh my god that was funny... Linky Hahaha.

Val said...

The crayons are so funny when you write about them!