Wednesday, June 7, 2006


I wanted to talk a little bit about the guy who's funeral I attended. Lets call him Dave and his although not technically, for all intents and purposes ex-wife, we shall call her Cunt, for that is what she is.

I met Dave and the Cunt, when they were still together at a friends cottage one summer 5 or more years ago. Five minutes after I met the Cunt I hated her, 10 minutes after that I just had to ask Dave. "What the hell are you doing with THAT?"

You see Dave was a quiet, sweet man. Soft spoken, a family man. Loved his kids, loved doing stuff with them, wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful of it. The Cunt on the other hand, could make a long shoreman blush. She was loud, obnoxious crude and rude. She is what most would refer to as a pig. Not only a pig, but she was evil as well. I recently learned that during the receiving line at her wedding she turned to Dave's brother and said, "Now that he's married me, I can tell you to go fuck yourself." Classy, eh?

Fortunately at the time I met him, while the Cunt was cheating on him with random men in bars, he was conversing on the internet with who would later become his true wife. Let's call her Maggie (I don't know why, I just like that name). As luck would have it, I would later end up working with Maggie. She was exactly right for him. Quiet and kind, just what he needed.

Life should have been sweet, don't you think? Well think again. The Cunt did everything she could to make life miserable for Dave and Maggie. She refused to divorce him, and Dave not wanting to make trouble, never pushed her. He knew that she was the kind of person that would keep him from his children if she got pissed, which she seemed to do at the drop of a hat. She was greedy and sneaky. She was living rent free in a house her father owned (a fact she neglected to tell Dave) she told Dave that it was costing her $700 a month and he paid it, on top of providing for his kids. She would pocket the money and drink it away.

So sitting in the church drilling holes into the back of the Cunts head I had an un-Christian thought. Why isn't she the one who is dead? What the hell was God thinking? This woman (I kid you not) manipulated people at the hospital so she was left alone with Dave. The man is dying and she browbeats him into signing his life insurance over to her. It had originally been put in trust for his children. The Cunt has balls, stealing from her own children. And just to make sure his mother would not contest it, she told her, "Don't piss me off, or you will never have contact with your grandchildren."

It is true what they say, only the good die young. The Cunts of this world live on.

You would think that with the amount of psychopaths on the planet there should be some sort of service industry associated with them. Some sort of database we can all contribute to. A list of assholes and cunts with an accounting of all the evil things they did. Addresses to their homes so the psychos can find them easy enough. I mean if your going to be a serial killer, why not go on the internet and kill someone no one will miss? A public service instead of random acts of violence.

Who's with me? I have a wood lot in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere, if they need a place to dispose of the bodies.

I am all about public service.


Radmila said...

Oh. My. God.

You know, there are more people like "the cunt" than we like to admit.

Maybe there is a surprise coming for her...

Evel said...

I'd like to believe in Karma.