Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I can do the time, man!

Today is my day off, I was anticipating spending most of it in bed. But Public Works had other ideas. At 8:15am, right outside my bedroom window, a nice young man on a huge backhoe with a hackhammer on the front bucket commenced his work day.

I found myself wondering what the penalty really is in Canada for mass murder. What if I just killed one and winged the other four? What if I called in a bomb threat? No, that wouldn't work, then there would be sirens and most likely they would want to evacuate me.

I have not had a decent nights sleep in months, between the landlord roofing the house and then scraping the house in anticipation of painting it and the construction going on on this street, there has been three solid months of early rising.

I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! That is why I work nights.

To add insult to injury, the boy desides he is not going to go to school today. Ya think? I don't!

I have just told him that if he doesn't get his ass out of this house in 5 minutes, I will clear his room of anything even remotely entertaining.....and burn it!

He needs to get the hell out of my face today! I still haven't filled in the hole in the backyard.

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