Thursday, March 20, 2003

Here are my two cents about the war with Iraq.

Celebrities should stay the hell out of it. They hold too much power over the weak-minded of this world.

Just because the guy played Moses a bazillion (that is actually a word) years ago, doesn�t mean that God thinks you all should be armed to the teeth. Or for that matter, just because he plays the president on tv, doesn't mean you should all take his advice on politics. There are some people, however, who can't make the distinction between actor and role. For this reason, celebrities should stick to make-believe and stay the hell out of politics.

Ok, so this next bit is not my 2 cents, but I couldn't have said it better myself.

You will notice, (if you aren't living under a rock) that the anti-war people don't seem to have an alternative plan. It's like they haven't really thought past the protest songs and peace marches. NO BLOOD FOR OIL? How about, NO OIL FOR PACIFISTS. I don�t think it is about oil, Iraq has had 12 years to comply with the United Nations, obviously diplomacy is NOT working. What is the point of having UN resolutions if there is no consequences to defying them? What is your solution if not war?

I think everyone is open for suggestions.

PS: In case of terrorist attacks, the US government has some duck and cover suggestions.

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