Monday, March 24, 2003

A big shout out to Buffy

My son told me today that his BigBrother�s girlfriend, Tammy, reads this blog. I am quite upset, if that is true, that she has never commented. Either my son is a �big fat liar� or even people I know don�t even bother to comment.

Ok, I get the odd comment, but nothing like dooce does. She has to turn off the comments on each post after 2 days or she would get nothing done.

My son�s BigBrother, Chris, is heading off with Tammy to the Bahamas (or is it Bermuda? Something with a B) to get married.

My son described Tammy, upon first meeting her, as looking like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope she just �looks� like Buffy and doesn�t kick butt like her. With my luck Chris would say the wrong thing to her and I would be forced to wade thought the BigBrother pool once again looking for a replacement. Problem with that is, I wouldn�t find one. Chris is the best thing to happen to my son. I couldn�t have asked for a better match. He is going to make someone a very good dad.

So, Buffy, if you have to kick butt, aim high and spare the family jewels.

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