Sunday, April 12, 2009

Homeward Bound.

Well it lasted a year and I never really thought he would make it this long living in that house.

I never understood why he was there in the first place, but I guess he thought that at some point TBF would have an epiphany and realize what a great kid he had and that he should treat him as such.

Unfortunately, he didn't just have TBF to contend with, he also had TBF's girlfriend. And for whatever reason, they just didn't get along.

Now she did not just meet The Boy last year, she met TBF when The Boy was two. You would think she would be more attached to The Boy, but she is not that kind of person. How to describe it? She is not a very affectionate person, even with her own kids. This is something that bothered TBF but not to the extent to where he would lift a finger to correct the behavior.

The tension started when the girlfriend started searching The Boys room on a daily basis. She would find the odd proof of drug use (marijuana, big fuckin' deal) but would not confront The Boy about it. She would just take the stuff without a word. Like, what the fuck is the point? Anyway. Ever since she started doing this The Boy has taken to leaving notes for her. In his sock drawer, etc. Just little notes that say, basically, I know what you are doing, get a life.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Not really sure what her problem is with The Boy but last week he stayed home from school. (He's 18, he can make that decision)But as it turns out, I knew he slept in, he messaged me and asked me to drive him to school. I of course was asleep and didn't get the message. The girlfriend however was at home and for whatever reason, couldn't bring herself to pop her head in the door and tell The Boy he would be late for school. She just waited for him to miss the bus and texted his father to rat him out. (Sounded to me like she set him up, but that's just me.) Then she left a dirty note saying that if he left the house he could pack his bags and get out. Harsh.

Well, of course he went out. He came to my house to help me paint the kitchen. It wasn't long after she got home that she was messaging me to come and get his shit.

Now, I am not sure where she is getting her parenting advice, but skipping school one day is not grounds for throwing your child out on the street.The Boy and his father just ignored her. The Boy did not move out.

Well, last night she was rooting through his stuff again and found an old note he left in one of his guitar bags. Apparently she lost her mind and TBF called me to tell me that The Boy had to move out.

I wanted to say, "Grow a pair, will ya?" but I didn't. Between you and me, I would rather he was home here with me. At least while he was here, his fathers stinginess was not in his face.

So, since TBF can't seem to grow a pair, The Boy is home. Hopefully to stay.


yvette said...

I feel better just knowing he will be back home where he is wanted and loved... No better place to be then with your Mom.

kelly said...

yes now he's exactly where he belongs, instead of with that sack of shit!