Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sick as a dog and beat to a snot.

For the last week I have been sick as a dog. For three nights I couldn't sleep because I was unable to breathe lying down. Finally I ended up calling the doctor.

"I can't breathe, can she see me?" I ask the receptionist.

"How soon can you come in?"

"I am in the parking lot."

I make it up the stairs and just about collapse, I can't catch my breath. She gives me a puffer (Salbutamol) and some antibiotics and tells me if it doesn't relieve the symptoms to go to the outdoor and get iv steroids.

Today I can finally breathe but I am beat to a snot.

1 comment:

kelly said...

i LOVE the blue puffer when i get sick like that! lol hopefully you feel better now.