Sunday, January 4, 2009

Or you'll what?

They say there will be legislation in place to ensure that we all use iridescent bulbs by (I think) 2012 in Canada.

How the hell do they plan on enforcing that one? Aside from not selling me the old ones? How can the tree-huggers just dismiss the danger of these bulbs in favor of the misguided belief that they are saving the planet. What good is the fuckin' planet if there are no humans left on it?

I was watching 16x9: The Bigger Picture, and they are saying that these things emit UV radiation. What? Do they plan on revisiting this or what?

The US aren't any happier about it.

The solution? Put your trust in government they will not allow our health to be jeopardized.

BWAH! I almost choked on that one. The real solution? Stockpile the incandescent light bulbs and make a fortune on the black market when the tree huggers using CFB's start dropping like flies.


Bryna said...


This is about the same as hormone injected meats.... but we are okay with that too, right?

kelly said...

so THAT'S why my boobs are so big. fuck. baahahahahaha