Friday, January 30, 2009

"Mommy, don't!" A child's final words.

Mom confesses to murder.

This sort of thing is what makes me think that the death penalty should be global. This woman held her daughter down and wrapped a piece of twine around her neck and strangled her. All for a man.

And no, the man did not tell her to do it. He expressed that he was unable to live with the child, and told the mother to choose. I doubt that this was what he had in mind but he was aware of what transpired after the fact. Yet he told no one.

I think he should be in jail as well
, not driving around free in the same car that held the dead body of this little girl.

Her mother needs to be put down, after all, that's what they do if a dog bites. It should be much worse for a mother who murders her own child.

Don't you think?


Fyr said...

Agreed. These psychopaths chose to give up their right to life, so we should take it from them as easily as they took life themselves.

Sound cruel? Sound uncivilized? Ok - what's more uncivilized: advocating for the ridding of our global society of this kind of sickness? Or allowing this kind of sickness to go unpunished, or punished lightly - life in prison which is actually not punishment - never have to work, TV, warmth, food, clothing, place to put your head at night ... come on. Some of them live better than we do.

Grrr... sorry Eva. This is one subject I should stay away from. I am VERY passionate about ridding the world of this kind of madness.

Evel said...

I always thought that 'an eye for an eye' should be taken literally. This woman, for instance, should be held down and strangled.

When I am Queen, it shall be so.

kelly said...

i have twine, lemme know when you take over.