Friday, October 27, 2006

Janis might have bigger problems.

I am really concerned with the mental state of Maggie. I had thought before that she was just quiet, but recent events make me suspect that she might be a sociopath.

Janis is still not back to work, so it was quite a surprise when the social commity put on a Prettiest Pet contest and Janis' dog was one of the pets.

Maggie entered Janis' dog in the contest...I kid you not.

I don't actually speak to Maggie anymore, I am afraid what I might say. And since I only see her at work, it might be a problem if we get into it. That being said, I still have her on messenger.

As I was talking to Janis one day, I notice Maggie coming online. I glance over and she has Janis' dog as a buddy icon. I thought that I must be mistaken, but Janis has the same picture as her buddy icon.

I Don't know what other reason she would have for putting it there except to torment Janis.(who probably still has her in messenger)

It gets better.

She told one of Janis' friends that she can't understand why Janis doesn't just go back to (the province she was originally from) so Maggie and the husband could be happy.

Janis' friend was shocked, all she could do was walk away.

So, here we are, today. I open up messenger and glance over at Maggie's nick. At first all I see is "Why is it that...".

That gets me interested so I open it up to see the rest.

Maggie's nick says "Why is it that some people just can't do what they know is best?"

I immediately changed mine to - "Are 'some people' on fucking crack?"

It didn't take her long to change it to something incautious.

If she wants to play mind games, I am all in.


Anonymous said...

All right....I think it's time you posted this ditch pigs msn address so we can ALL add her.


Evel said...

Not a chance! LOL

Anonymous said...

i think it would be fun bwahahaha