Saturday, May 20, 2006

Please release me, let me go.

If you remember, a while back I had a meeting with my MO regarding my happiness within the Undisclosed Customer Service Center™™. In that meeting, among other things, I suggested that I might be happier in another project. Namely tech support.

A couple of the techs that were yanked into our project have been lamenting for almost a year about how great it was 'over there'. How much better the management treated them 'over there' so much so that I was forever telling them to build a bridge and get the fuck over it. They made it sound like a whole other world. Thanks, I really need to hear that my misery is that much more profound because bliss exists under the same roof.

Fast forward to last week. The big giant heads send out an email. They are going to finally release some people from our tech router project to go back to tech support where they were blissfully happy. They are going to finally hire more tech routers so this can be accomplished.

Great. Maybe this means I can also get released as well? I have to try, what is the worst that could happen? Ya right. I get a polite email that says they are only releasing to tech support those who were already there before. Hopes dashed.

Then I get an email from the MO. "Come and see me."

What the hell did I do now? I don't remember telling any manager to bite me lately. Or did I? I am wracking my brain the whole way to her cube. I was teasing my TM about sounding like a 976 operator on the phone the other night. He wouldn't, would he? The weasel!

Turns out it was my lucky day. She said she couldn't tell me in the email the other day before she ran it by the big giant head of tech support but she is replacing me in this round and sending me back to Pro support. She said that training for tech didn't start till the end of July and if she waited till then, she wouldn't be able to release me.

Since Pro is a bigger project, (meaning more agents) I can more easily be replaced, so releasing me will not be an issue.

Holy crap, and it isn't even my birthday. So, she wraps up the meeting with, "So, does this make you happy?"

Happy as a pig in shit.


shelley said...


kelly said...

woohoo freedom is only a month away...

Mr O'Leary said...

'be careful of what you wish for'... old irish saying..

Evel said...

Luckily I am Scottish.