Thursday, September 8, 2005

"Throw him in the lock-up 'til he's sober."

Ok, is anyone else following Canadian Idol? I mean any sober people?

What kind of crack is the Canadian voting public on? Have we become a country of toned-deaf, internet voting freaks?

The chick, Mellisa O'Neil? Ok, she is not bad, but the other two left in the competition? WTF?

Aaron Walpole, God love him. He can carry a tune but he turns every song into a lounge act. Can you say Cheesy?

And the dude from Newfoundland, Rex Goudie. I am sorry, but this dude could not carry a note in a bucket. Not even if he had a forklift.

I think RockStar INXS has the right idea. Give the public a vote for the bottom three but let the professionals decide who stays and who goes. Not some Drunken Sailor's pre-teen daughters.

Let's get these people detox'ed for next year, eh? It's embarrassing.


nadine said...

agree.. professionals decide .. for the final prize..

kelly said...

i dunno when i work or when i don't and i never know when anything is on tv except the friend's reruns which are sure to be on at some point on tbs....i purposely avoided american idol to watch canadian and i've missed it *sigh*

mister anchovy said...

I think the Idol shows work on the premise that you can sell just about anything if you package it right. It doesn't matter if the winner has any talent - it only matters that the machine can sustain the celebrity status. It seems to be all about the Idol "brand". It is handy if the winner can carry a tune, but clearly it is about either the judges or the voting public choosing the best singer. The power of television is so scary sometimes, isn't it?