Sunday, September 5, 2004

Give me strength.

Last night our new TM (you know, the one that was clearly more qualified than me?)'accidentally' deleted the go-home-early list from the exchange public folders. Ok, anyone can make a mistake, right?

Tonight, he is in charge. Alone. I am a little uneasy, but who knows, he may pull it off. There are 5 of us scheduled for 5-1. We do not put our name on the go-home-early list because, well, there are 5 of us. We ain't goin' anywhere. Or so I thought.

Now, remember, since last night the go-home-early list does not exist on the server so you would have to actually put pen to paper. For shits and giggles two people apparently put their names on it. Just around 10 we are experiencing high call volumes, well for us, and I hit the button to see what's going on.

Two agents online. WTF?

ME: "Why are there only 2 of us on the phones? We are in Q."
TM: "Forest is on break."
ME: "And? Shouldn't there be more than 3?"
TM: "Oh, I let two go home."
TM: "I didn't check what time they were off and let them go." He has a big 'my bad' grin on his face, which really isn't endearing at this point.
ME: "Fine, then get your ass on the phones, we are in Q" He thinks I am joking. I am not joking.

So we remain in Q, Forest comes back and Enrique goes on break. Still Q ville. I am shooting daggers through TM. So finally my break comes up,we are out of Q, I don't even wait for Enrique to come back. I am pounding out my code into the time keeping system and hear.

TM: "I should take my 2 hours on the phones now." (TM's have to do 2 hours or 5 calls) "But I don't think I will get 5 calls, they are out of Q."
ME: "You could have 5 minutes ago, but no point in that, since then you might have actually helped us out. Wouldn't want that to happen now would we?" I head for break, seething.

When I return, and am once again pounding out my code on the TKS, he says to me, "You don't look very pleased with me." ha ha. I did not find this funny in any way, shape or form.

And I reply with a dirty look, "That's because I AM NOT!"

This guy is new, he should be trying to gain the respect of his team, but he is not even interested in the word. Apparently he spells team with an 'I'.

I think that since he fucked up, he should have stepped up and helped with the Q. But apparently he is not going to do anything unless it benefits him in some way. Thank God, A showed up to visit and I had a chance to cool down.

Later, about an hour before shift end, he asks me to dispatch my cases. What? Technically we are supposed to do that at the end of our shift and not before. But he needs to finish his report otherwise he will have to stay late.

My reply? "Uh, sorry no can do, that would not be procedure." If he wanted my help, he should have helped us earlier.

Tit for tat.

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