Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Just Shoot Me.

Haven�t blogged for a while cuz I am just that pissed off. I am so far in debt that it isn�t even funny. I get paid on Thursday and by Saturday I am broke. Those 4 months that I was off work screwed me. Just trying to catch up.

And to make matters worse, my dish is down. So now I am forced to watch BB4 live feeds and nothing else. I so wish that I could see it tonight, just to see the look on the Three Stooge�s faces when they see that they really are stooges to think they were the �Dream Team�. Hopefully the dish will be back up by Monday, I was actually forced to read yesterday. Can you imagine? I never realized how much tv I actually watched till it was gone.

Things at work are going well. I actually had a woman scream at me because I was trying to talk her out of paying $35 to have a tech show her how to set up a template to print avery labels. I kept asking her to read the instructions that came with it, she wouldn't even look inside the package. The instructions in those things are so simple, a brain dead monkey could do it.


What I wanted to say. Look idiot. If you just take the fucking stick out of your ass for a second and listen I am trying to save you from paying $35 and most likely being ridiculed by the techs for having shit for brains.

What I said. �Ok, Dorothy, What credit card would you like to use today?�

She was freaking. So I guess she had more money than brains. So I put her through. I only hope that in the end she realizes that she just paid to have someone show her something a child could do.

RTFMS! Read The Fuckin� Manual Stupid. Words to live by.

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