Sunday, January 19, 2003

It's all fun and games, till someone loses an eye.

I somehow escaped being sick. Don't ask me how but I think the Tylenol Flu I took at the first sign yesterday kicked ass!

Anyhow, I was well enough to go to my son's hockey game today and lets just say he gets his temper honest.

There are a sequence of events that I should show you.

First�...this is the penalty. I know its small but I was far away and if you watch number 15 closely, you will see him get a bead on a kid that had given him trouble earlier.

view penalty video

Now he is in the penalty box. What you didn�t see was him flipping out over the refs call. He threw his stick down and did a little �fuck you� dance.

And after it�s all over? The ref has a little chat with him.

Ok, he has some rage issues. That�s why he isn�t playing chess.

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