Saturday, October 12, 2002

Another sign of old age.

Well for all of you interested in my purchases with the new CC, I hope you are not too disappointed.

The first thing I did last night, as you know, was pay to have the banner ad taken off this site. I then headed over to eBay, but I couldn�t find anything I wanted so I decided to pay a few bills. I topped off my two cell phone accounts.

Today I couldn�t take it any more I had to actually go out and get something. I said to myself,

�Self? What is it that you would really like to have, right now?�

I headed over to Staples and bought myself a digital camera, camera bag and USB hub. As I was paying for the camera, my computer guy called and I dropped by his place on the way home to show off said camera and get a list of computer components I need to upgrade this beast.

I am will be ordering a new video card, ram, and 1.3 Ghz processor. After that I will be pretty much wiped out.

I have to say I thought I would go a little crazier, but I seem to be getting older. 10 years ago I would have partied till I puked (like I did with the student loan) but now, sadly, I am an old bag. As my purchases show. How the mighty have fallen.

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