Friday, May 24, 2002

It's getting down to the wire.

My first and last attempt at planning and executing a bridal shower. The fiasco shower is on Sunday, and I have no idea who is coming for sure or if anyone is bringing any food, (apparently I was supposed to ask people to do so) I don't know if I have enough, chairs, food, cups, plates, napkins, prizes.......the list goes on and on.

This should be a lesson to me.

"Keep your big mouth shut, Evel!"

You see if I had done that...I would be a mere participant in the festivities instead of the organizer. Way back when, Mariea wasn't going to even have a maid of honor, just her daughters standing for her. Apparently she was under the impression that she would have to pay for the maid of honors dress. She was trying to keep expenses down, since she was paying for the wedding herself, so she was going to forgo the maid of honor and best man. And idiotic me (I was reading a wedding book) said " says here that the maid of honor pays for her own dress, shoes etc....." So, she turned around and asked me to stand for her.

All that was going through my head was "I am going to have to buy a new outfit anyway, sure I'll do it". Then a few weeks later (reading the same book) I find out I am in charge of the shower and the bachelorette party. I had already told her I was giving her the invitations as a wedding present, so I was deep out of pocket by this time, add to that the dress, shoes etc, now a shower and bachelorette party. It wouldn't have been so bad, but my car picks this time to break down, not once, but twice. I feel a tension headache coming on. God? would be a good time to let me win the lottery.

So, the shower is this Sunday, I am sure Mariea is expecting a lot.........boy is she going to be disappointed. Glad I haven't bought the dress yet, after Sunday, I may not need it.

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