Thursday, April 18, 2002

You know you are old ...

- when you start looking at a crowded bar as "a definate fire hazzard"

- when you spot kids you used to babysit for in said bar and they are NOT getting carded.

- when you spend an hour planning your TV viewing for the week. (you DO NOT want to miss West Wing)

- when your son spots a record player at a flea market and asks "where do the cd's go?"

- if you can say "its been 20 years since......" unless you can finish that sentence with "I was born" are old.

- if you ever start a sentence with "back in my day"....forget it...its over.

- when a handfull of marshmellows is not a suitable subtitute for breakfast anymore.

- when "hopping" out of bed is no longer an option, in fact, if you try, you could really cause some damage.

- when DRUGS = Tylenol

- when you start BBQing as much as humanly possible. Usually from about March to late November.

- when you consider a bra as optional. If you were smart you would have worried about this in your 20's when they were "up there" but now its way too late, they have moved south.....let it go.

- two words.....streatchy pants...nuf said

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