Wednesday, April 3, 2002

AHH Spring. In Canada it is what we live for. It is how we measure time. "God, I can't wait till spring", "It feels like spring" "Spring feels like it is just around the corner". When you are Canadian, spring means the end of your misery, spring is better than Christmas. Snow is pretty to watch, but unless you are a skier or a penquin, it gets old really fast. Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, ...ok...they weren't singing, they were shitting on my car...but who long as it isn't snow.

Spring also means Home Show season, and thankfully my boss, in his infinate wisdom, believes that he must participate in every single one. "What does this mean for Evel?" you might ask. Well it means my boss will be GONE, out of my hair, far away from me. A stress free time for me. You see I don't "do" the home shows. I don't know enough about the product to be able to demonstrate it and answer any and all questions put to me. Thank God my boss hasn't connected the fact that I prepare all the promotional material with the knowledge that I might have retained some of that information in the nine years I have worked for the company. And to make sure he never does, I have prepared a few inane questions to ask him about the product. In fact I remind myself to ask one at least once a month, I mark it on my calander. This keeps me safely away from the home shows, and tucked safely in the warmth of my jammies in front of the tv all those weekends while he is drumming up business. Do I feel guilty? Let's just say I don't lose sleep over it.

Spring has sprung, all is right with the world.

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