Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The life of Riley.

After moving from the 'cave' ... a long story, I moved into a trailor owned by my oldest best friend, Kimmy.

I really am living the life of Riley but before I give you the particulars I just need to say, "Don't hate the playah."

I pay less rent than the cave, I have no neighbors above or below me. It is peaceful.

And...that is just the least of it. Kimmy (my landlady) is not only my best friend but she is also my housekeeper, laundress, chef and valet. She cleans my house, does my dishes, does my laundry, cooks me dinner and even starts my car in the morning and cleans off the snow.

I get free internet and when I told her I didn't want cable (I download my tv shows for free) so wasn't going to get a phone, she brought one of her cordless phones over. I kid you not.

Will I ever move?

Sure....kicking and screaming.

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