Wednesday, February 12, 2014

He went out one night for smokes and never came back.

Okay, so not for smokes, but Norman went out one night and never came back. Its been about a month now so I am pretty sure he is not coming back. He might...but there has been two blizzards since he left so I really don't hold out much hope.

That being said, I guess I miss him. Maybe not him personally but I have decided that I need something else in the house with a heart beat.

Something else 'alive' in the house.

I thought about an iguana but someone said they get five feet long or something crazy. This is a trailer, not gonna play. 

Then I thought of a chameleon. Interesting, found this pic even and was making plans to get it. I was convinced and I planned to call him Fluffy. Then I investigated the care and feeding of the chameleon...gross and gross. Basically said I would be living with live bugs........on purpose. Not happening.

So, cat it is. Put out feelers, and on of my FB friends said she had kittens. So I said, 'Ya, whatever, bring it.'

Then she says she has two left, one boy, one girl. Then she ends it with "they are brother and sister".

WELL FUCK! Brother and sister? Really? "Just bring them both."

Really? You can't just show up at an orphanage and take the brother and leave the sister behind. I guess they can be company for each other when I am not around which is a lot of the time.

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