Saturday, July 9, 2011

I live in reality, I don't want to watch yours.

I could totally live without the television, or the phone for that matter. I can get everything I need from an internet connection.

But, if I so much as hint that it would be cost effective to get rid of the cable tv, The Sister looks at me like I just snapped the neck of a bunny or something.

I don't get it....its 150 channels of nothing'ness. Unless you are into sports or reality shows there are maybe a dozen shows on tv that are watchable.

The Sister, however, watches all of it. All reality shows, all the time. Every 'housewife' show (although not many of them are actually married, go figure). And she would never pass up a chance to watch someone compete for something, not sporting events but close to it, I guess. Iron Chef, Top Chef, So you think you can dance, hairdressers, designers, models... the list goes on ad nauseum. Did I forget to say yes to the dress? FFS

Just a little fiction, that is all I am asking for. I just don't get the appeal? I live in reality, I sure as fuck don't want to watch yours.


Camille said...

Oh HELL yea, Evel. :)

Got rid of our cable TV a few months back - found I was tuning into USA's marathons or not at all ... so went and got a hulu+ subscription for a ton load less dollars and can make my OWN marathons. :)

Don't get reality TV either ... not sure how to even begin to understand either the thinking behind creating it, or the appeal in the first place. :|

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

There are a TON of reality based shows out there - did you see there is one about 'toddlers and tiaras' or something rather?


You'd be better off not having cable at all and just snuggle with a good book :)

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psi-phi? c eye2eye... said...

Here, here to your experience of un-reality TV.


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