Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slacker? Not by half.

Haven't been doing a lot of blogging lately. Well not here anyway. One of the reasons is the vaping thing...I couldn't just vape. Oh no. I had to create a blog for vaping, a youtube channel, two facebook pages and, of course, get my mug on camera and do an interactive web show on vaping.

The other reason is this f'ing laptop. I hate typing on it...I have man hands and long fingernails, I am doomed.

I was planning on keeping the two blogs separate...but vaping is what I do now and after a year, it is defining me. I never realized how much smoking defined me until I accidentally quit smoking when I picked up the electronic cigarette. I could never do anything without thinking about, can I smoke there or where is the smoking area and how long would it take me to get out to the smoking area. And on and on.

Now I don't care....I vape everywhere. I am starting to calm down a little now about it. But when I first found these things, I was in evangelical mode. I wanted to convert the masses. I even sold the kits for a while. Now, as I said, I am starting to calm down and get on with the day to day.

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