Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have seriously done it now.

I woke up this morning and started the shower,did my 'business' and jumped in. (I know, TMI, but it is relevant to the story)

I get out of the shower, dry off and flush the toilet. (see? makes sense) As the toilet is flushing I reach above it to get the deodorant off the shelf and promptly drop it. Into the flushing toilet.

HOLY SHIT! There was literally no time to try and grab it before it went down with the rest of the water. FUCK!

Okay, so now I have flushed it. But have I? Did it go down? I flush again...asked and answered. It must be stuck in the trap, the water is rising dangerously close to the top of the bowl. How the fuck can I stop the water now? I tear the top of the tank off and grab the float.

Water stopped...for now, but I clearly can't stand here all day. I am trying to figure out what to do next when I see the water slowly receding. Thank God for small blessings. I have to reach behind the tank and shut the water off.

I couldn't deal with it then and there because I had to take off and go visit my mother. (It is mothers' day after all)So I call my landlord from the road. He will go have a look

Good news bad news. Good news, he is going to replace the toilet, it was old and a water hog anyway. Bad news, it won't be til tomorrow.

To top it all off, I seem to have forgotten to get my Depo-Provera shot. And what reminded me, you might ask? Aunt Flo came to call.

So there it is. I just can't win. Happy Mother's Day to me. (BTW, it is 5:22pm now and I have not even heard from The Boy)

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ME! said...

I never would've thought that it would flush! That stinks!!!