Friday, March 5, 2010

WTF, John?

I am fast forwarding through most of American Idol. I don't pay much attention to it after the most entertaining part of the whole thing, that being the auditions. However, I did stop for a minute to see what John Park had to say.

"What people may not know about me is that English is my second language. When I was 6 I moved to Korea."

Okay, I am not a mathematical genius nor do I pretend to know everything about educational systems in every country but aren't you in school by the time you are 6 years old? What? You didn't speak? That must have been fuckin' irritating for the teachers.

"...moved back to Chicago in 4th grade..." So three, maybe four years in Korea. Dude, I am surprised you can still speak some Korean.

If that is the most interesting thing you could come up with? That's pitiful.

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