Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's getting old.

Sure, its funny to hear about but when you live with it, it gets old really fast.

The Boy is stomping all over my last nerve with this car.

-He goes out every single day and vacuums it. Every day.

-We don't have a hose so he takes two buckets outside with him. One with soapy water and the other with clear water and washes it. Oh, and a t-shirt... to dry it. (No, it is not a Porsche or a Ferrari.)

-He doesn't like the condition of the driveway (mud puddles, rutts etc.) so he parks it on the lawn. He has no idea why that would upset me. Aside from the fact it kills the grass, it is just so Trailor Park Boys.

Now he wants me to take it to the garage because one of the tires has the writing facing in instead of out like the other three. I kid you not.

Maybe he is afraid someone will start humming the 'one of these things' song when he drives up. That would be humiliating.


ME! said...

That, is hilarious. I REALLY don't think anyone is going to hum "one of these things" to him, because you can't see all 4 tires at the same time... does he know that?

Evel said...

you think logic works on him at all?

kelly said...

my ocd bf said he'd have to make his match too. it's a condition. lmao