Wednesday, February 9, 2005

That's what they say.

I realize after working for the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�, for almost two years, how wrong it is to assume. You know the saying 'makes an ass out of u and me' is so true.

Never Assume:
- everyone knows what 'right click' means.
- everyone knows what version of windows is on their pc.
- people who buy computers know what they are buying.
- people who pirate software know they are pirating software.
- you can reason with people who think Mi.cro.s.oft IS the internet.
- a person who would pay $1500 for a computer might be open to paying $35 to fix it.
- everyone knows the difference between install and download.
- everyone knows the difference between activate and register, even when they are reading the words off the screen.
- everyone knows the difference between hardware and sofware.
- anyone reads the end user license agreement on software.
- that if someone indicates they are a doctor/lawyer/candlestick maker that they will be in any way, shape or form any more reasonable than the chick who thinks is taking over her computer. In fact the more educated the person the less likely they are to grasp the fact that you will not help them fix pirated software.
- that when you say "I am not a support professional and I am not technically trained" people will grasp the fact that I you are not technically trained!
- that everyone knows where to type in a URL.
- that support professionals will support you in any way or in any way be professional while not doing so.
- that when I say "have a nice day' I really give a shit about the day you have!

Have a nice day.

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