Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining.

People, please stop telling me that a gun ban would not help anyone.

"Criminals will find a way to get guns..." Blah Blah Blah

Honestly? I am less worried about the so called criminals than I am about that fucked up 20 year old who, on the day he snaps, has easy access to guns obtained legally by his mother.

Here's a question. What the fuck does a kindergarten teacher need with a semi-automatic assault rifle? Suppose she could have used it for protection? Wait, what? That didn't work too well, now did it? She had 3 guns 'for protection' and was shot with one of them. By her son who, so far, is not reported to be one of these criminals you speak of.

Michael Moore said in an interview with Piers Morgan that more than 80% of gun murders on the planet happen in the United States. 

Maybe, just maybe, they need to rethink a constitutional amendment that was written before there was an organized military much less any kind of law enforcement. 


Rebeka said...

A-fucking-men! I don't understand how statistics are blatantly ignored when it comes to Americans, guns and gun violence. (And I'm American) It's more than disturbing and sad. I'm hoping that this last incident will do something, ANYTHING, even though it's already too late.

Evel said...

Maybe having a second term president at this point will make a difference?

Rebeka said...

One can only hope... He's our only hope. Great blog, by the way :)