Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plan....what letter was I on?

So, last post I told you about the show I was doing on ElixirTV...I am still doing that, but with another co-host. Cindy was nice, but too nice. I think I need someone with a thicker skin. When she was having fun, I wasn't and vice-versa. So, we parted ways and now I am going to do a new show (same time) with Buffy. She is a fellow Canuck and I met her through her boyfriend who I work with. So, she knew better what she was getting into, not like Cindy.

The new show is "It's" (her nick is HawtAngel) should be fun.

I did sorta feel bad for Cindy, she really had no idea what she was getting into, but then again some might say she was just not paying attention. Had she visited this blog at any point she may have deduced that I was not the warm and fuzzy type. I pretty much say whatever the fuck comes into my head at any given time. I stew over nothing. My philosophy is...If you piss me off and I say nothing...then that is totally on me. However, when (not if)I tell you that you are pissing me off and continue, then we really have a problem. So, if at any point in time you are unsure if I am pissed off at you? Don't be. (well...unless you are The Sister..but that's another story)

Anyway, today I am finally outside in our new gazebo, enjoying the first really nice day of spring. Long story short...I was sure God hated me. I bought this nice gazebo so I could sit outside without the bugs. (I am NOT a bug person) Seemed like as soon as we got the stupid thing off the truck it snowed. After about a week, we finally got it setup and since then it has snowed twice more and when it was not snowing, it was raining.....sideways.

I may have slept though half of this beautiful day had it not been for my brother showing up at an ungodly hour this morning...but since it is such a beautiful day, he can live.

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