Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kits arrived in spite of it all.

I get a call at 8:20am this morning, it's the post office. I am expecting two packages, sent two days apart.

They have a package, probably the first one that was sent, "You expecting something from Taiwan or Japan or somewhere?" These are the people entrusted with getting shit to you and he can't determine what country it came from.


"Yeah, that's it. I just need your address, cuz all this says is New Glasgow, NS."

Okay, so they got the general vicinity and they figure, oh yeah, someone in Nova Scotia will know this chick.

"Why not just keep it there, and I will pick it up." No sense confusing them further.

I go to get the package and it is actually the second one, the one with the kits in it. I was worried about that one because it was the one that cost me so much. I heave a sigh of relief. I ask if there is another and they said no, check back tomorrow.

Weird that the one they sent two days before got here, but not the first one.

Anyway, I get home and no sooner am I through the door but there is a knock. Its the mailman, with the other package. This is the same man that has never attempted to bring a package to me before, he usually assumes I won't be there and only brings a hanger. I know this because I have actually caught him leaving a hanger that says 'an attempt was made to deliver the package but you were not home, pick it up at the post office.'

After he passed me one a few weeks ago, I went to the post office and asked her that if he hands me this hanger, how does that constitute him 'attempting' anything? Since then, I have seen him hauling packages up and down the street and now he doesn't speak when I say good morning.

But I get my packages on the first try now.

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