Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Days Off.

And what to do?

Well I can't go visit my sister because, frankly, I think she is off her gourd. Long story, and I don't know if I can tell it because it still makes no sense to me.


After work on Tuesday (which happened to be 1:30am, so technically Wed)I went to Sonny's to pick up something for Nurse Darling. I know, I am a crazy party animal/social butterfly. Thought I would share this with ya. He has this little gem under glass at his home.

And yes, they are dead rodents playing cards.

Then I went to Kimmy's on Wednesday to bum some smokes since payday is not til Thursday and she fed me!

Lobster pasta. YUM! (Plus she always gives me the leftovers, so there is some in the fridge right now but not for long)

Then I went completely wild today and went to the grocery store. I know, I am out of control!

Thought I might pick up some watermelon since the weather is so hot and miserable.

Think again....six bucks for six peices of watermelon that were not even the size of your palm.

A week ago, you could buy a whole watermelon for five bucks.

I think its a scam myself.


kelly said...

go to a farm. i know, you'd have to leave town, a scary proposition, but i bet they'd have cheaper fruit lol

Adele said...

Thanks i really needed that !