Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And how was your week?

I seem to have turned into a lump.

Nothing interests me, nothing pissing me off. Nothing worth ranting about, or rather, things pissing me off so much that I have been reduced to just a guttural moan on the subject.

What is there to say? The world is going to shit, or has already gone. The crap on TV isn't worth watching, the news is just a sponsor biased regurgitation of what everyone else is broadcasting.

Do they even keep records of what they were spewing last week, last month? Ten minutes ago? Just because he is dead, now you no longer think he is a pedophile? Or does it matter now that the king is dead, lets not bring up the dirty laundry, its in such bad taste. Give me a break.

I am not saying I think he was a pedophile, no one knows for sure. But I certainly don't think he was the second coming of Christ either. But give the media another week, the rest of the world will.

So, what have I been doing? Pretty much trying to ignore everything, in the hopes that it will just go away.

No such luck.


Bryna said...

Agreed. Whole heartedly.

Fyr said...

Agreed, just as wholeheartedly ... even if I WAS a fan, this is getting beyond the ridiculous now. All I wanna say to them is "Let the man rest in peace, dammit!"

tomorrow said...

I think we're having the same week.

kelly said...

yeah i am sick of him. who cares, move on. i dont care if he was murdered either, i don't want to hear any more about it!!