Friday, January 13, 2006

Trash the vote.

Is everyone missing the fact that we are paying for garbage removal? Our taxes pay for that in the first place.

Then they come out with all this recycle crap and we have to sort all the garbage. Which, incidentally, used to be the garbage man's job. So, now we are doing his job of sorting, does the tax bill go down? Nope.

Now, since we can't be trusted, we have to put our garbage in clear bags, so they can make sure we are doing their job correctly. Do we get a discount for that? NOPE! And if we don't sort correctly? Do they tell us why they are leaving that bag at the end of the driveway? NOPE!

We are now faced with two choices. We either rip open the bag and sort it again or take it to the dump ourselves. Do we get a rebate on our taxes for that? NOPE!

Know what happens to all that perfectly sorted recyclables?

They pick it up from you, and then they SELL it! That is right, boys and girls, they pick it up from you and turn around and sell it to manufacturers. They get it for free and then they turn around and sell it for profit.

Do we see any of that cash? NOPE!

I think I will take my garbage with me to the poling station. Whoever takes it off my hands, gets my vote.

After all, what am I paying for?


kelly said...

you tell em

Radmila said...

ohhhhhhh don't get me fuckin' started!
Firstly, I'm washing my garbage so that they'll take my recycling in the first place, and then I have to make sure I tie the paper together because if...God strip of paper is carried over to the blue bin by wind...THEY WON'T PICK UP THE BLUE BIN...fucking bastards.
You know what burns me worse?
They have better job protection, wages, and pension than I do...ferfucksake..I don't even have a pension in my job..and I'm not nearly as demanding about what I'll do and not do.
We had a garbage container that they refused to lift. They didn't say anything about why they weren't picking up the garbage, they would just leave the container full of garbage.
If I could, I would booby trap the garbage if it wouldn't guarantee a lawsuit for us.

Evel said...

I am sure you can find a delinquent to set it on fire for you.